5 Hacks to Up Your Summer Camping Game

FLTRgo Camping Coffee Filter

The Great Outdoors is calling your name! We’ve got 5 helpful camping hacks to help you up your wilderness survival prowess. It’s the little things that will make the difference between a frustrating weekend of discomfort and mishaps or a relaxed return to nature. We also included this camping photo of a Porsche and peacock…just … Read more

All About the Grind

Hand Coffee Grinder, Its All About the Grind, FLTRgo Travel Coffee Filter

Do you want to know how to grind coffee like a pro? Does the way you grind your coffee really matter? Believe it or not…yes, it does! Extra Course. Medium. Medium-Fine. Extra Fine. Even the best beans can make for a less-than-stellar cup when you use the wrong grind. That’s because how you grind your … Read more

Welcome to FLTRgo, the Travel Coffee Filter Revolution!

FLTRgo Travel Coffee Revolution

The Travel Coffee Filter Revolution is about you! It’s about you being able to have your cup of coffee anywhere, anytime. FLTRgo gives you that freedom. Everyone is Welcome (Even Tea Drinkers). Originally, FLTRgo was designed for people on the move, people who carry their life on their back or in their luggage. It had … Read more